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Lesbian Spanking's Latest Spanking : Tammy Spanked By Lesbian Boss
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When Tammy started her new job they told her that the office had a strict routine but she had no idea just how strict it would be! When she was late with a report her lesbian boss called her into her office and gave her a stern telling off.

Tammy thought her punishment was over but before she knew it her lesbian boss had pulled up Tammy's skirt, pushed her over the desk and started to spank her with a ruler. The rest of the office could hear her yelps. Now they all know to get those reports in on time! See the whole lesbian spanking..


Sorority Sister Gives Justine An OTK Lesbian Spanking
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OTK lesbian spanking

Justine broke her sorority house's rules by coming home past curfew. The rules of the sorority clearly state that if you break the rules you will be punished. Justine should have paid better attention to those rules because no matter how much she begs and pleads to save herself from humiliation there is no escaping the over the knee lesbian spanking from her sorority sister! See the whole lesbian spanking..


Miranda Spanked Hard By Her Older Lesbian Lover
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Miranda was a bad girl and didn't do the dishes the first time her butch older lesbian lover asked her too. She couldn't be allowed to disobey her lesbian Domme like that so it was no surprise when her lesbian lover snuck up behind her, bent her over the kitchen sink and spanked her hard with a wooden spoon. What was the surprise was just how hard her lesbian lover spanked her bare bottom!. See the whole lesbian spanking..


Amy Spanked By Her Lesbian Roommate
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Amy's roommate was shocked when she caught Amy borrowing her dildo. She might be a lesbian but she likes a bit of fake cock sometimes and Amy should have known better than to use it! Amy's roommate was so mad that she was forced to bring Amy over her knee and spank her hard until she learned her lesson from the lesbian spanking. She even spanks her bare bottom with the dildo!. See the whole lesbian spanking..

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